Stop Listening and Speak Up! How Communication Leadership Training Transforms Your Life.

Here’s a fact. While many so-called gurus preach the concept of active listening, common sense tells you you can’t listen your way to your next million dollars.

If you aren’t prepared for every interaction – whether it’s a big strategy meeting or a brief conversation when your boss pops his head in your workspace – you’re in danger of over listening. That’s when you let other people take over your time, your energy with their endless opinions, complaints, and other mishmash in their heads. The more they talk, they more they’re convinced that they’re right on the issues, the facts, and the courses of action.

If you just listen, nod your head, repeat what they say, and write it all down: you’re trapped. Trapped like a lion that walks freely in the jungle until he trips over an open cage and is locked in with all his potential for dominance and leadership trapped with him.

You cannot take to the road without a destination in mind and expect that you’ll land in the ideal place. Instead, you must decide where you want to go and set up the actions and interactions that will get you there.

Can you become a communication leader and take your business and career to the stratosphere?

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Has Donald Trump listened his way to a real estate empire?

Will Richard Branson from the Virgin conglomerate listen his way to a space shot?

Has any executive, political figure, or even Olympic champion listened their way to greatness? No, they have not.

Become the communication leader you are meant to be.

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