Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Testimonials from Coaching Clients – Coaching Transforms Good People into Great Performers and Leaders.

How do good people become the top performers and income earners they know they can be? Personal coaching is the fastest way to accelerate your success, and group coaching is a great support system to keep you on track.

I asked these stars how our coaching relationship changed their lives.

Denise Drew, Warner Brothers: “The inspiration and her creativity, her resourcefulness, her enthusiasm inspired me and so I went for a job that I would never have gone for before. And I landed it!”

Brad Adams, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment: “She taught me how to repackage those existing talents and skills that you have to really emphasize the benefits that you’re going to be bringing.”

Susan Kessler, Owner, SK Design & Marketing: “I had always considered myself just a freelance graphic designer and that wasn’t how I wanted to consider myself. I wanted to consider myself as a company, as someone who had valuable services to give to other people. And so it transformed my thinking from a person who’s kind of schlepping around with their portfolio to a person who says, “just go to my website and take a look – you’ll see the kind of work I do.” And that was a huge difference in the way people related to me.”

Frank Joseph, Guitar Center: “Nance is really the first person that has ever made me think, “what does the landscape to your success look like,” as opposed to “what are your goals, what are your dreams, what are your aspirations.” And that made a huge impact for me because it really gave me an opportunity to step back and focus on the road to success.”

Magda Andrade, Senior Manager of New Accounts La Curacao: “I used to get all scared about “what am I going to say, what are they going to say, how am I going to react” and now I just have a clear path of “they are going to react that way, this is what I’m going to say, this is what’s going to happen.” And it happens that way.”

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