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3 Rs of Personal Branding

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Can everyone you meet receive, retain and repeat your personal brand message?

That’s the goal of all your personal branding work: your audience being able to

Receive: Understand who you are and where you add value in their world

Retain: Get your name ingrained in their brains so they can “store” you

Repeat: Be able to recall what you do and refer business to you when an opportunity pops up that you’d be interested in

Your position in the minds of your market is what connects your next highly desirable job, project, partnership, investor – or whatever it is that’s driving you to create and grow your brand image.

MegaphoneSo, once you have framed your personal brand (no small feat), your next step is to relentlessly deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message. Every communication tells people what you do – and describes how you benefit the people who know you and work with you.

You must relentlessly get out the word – in every form of social media, with cold calls, your website, networking at events – and yes, even wearing a T-shirt with your name or company name on it when you go out for a run.

What are you doing so your audience can learn the 3 Rs of your personal brand?

Receive: Frame an image of what you do

Retain: Keep that image alive in their minds

Repeat: Have you top of mind when anything related to your brand pops up

Before you start your day, everyday – here’s 3 questions to ask yourself:

  • Who’s going to receive a personal brand message from me today?
  • Who should I touch back with today, so they retain my brand image?
  • What can I say, that my audience will want to repeat or retweet?

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