Simple Publicity and Instant Social Media Drives Prospects To You.

How many of us prospect as part of building our business? We cold call, we network? Oh, come on, it’s all of you because you’re sitting here — or watching this!

So what if you didn’t have to do that? What if you are so visible, what if your personal brand is so compelling, what if you are relentless and consistently online everywhere your target population goes that it’s inescapable if they need whatever it is your category is: YOU’RE the man, YOU’RE the company!

That’s what social media does for me! Right now I do almost no new business work and we’ve had two of the best years in business simply because my personal brand as Nance Rosen is so big (in my little category).

Do you want to take 20 minutes a week to generate all the publicity you need to meet your goals?

Meeting planners: does your organization need to dig deeper into this important topic with Nance?

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