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NanceNance Rosen, MBA is the managing partner at NAX Partners. She is also on the faculty of the UCLA Business and Management continuing executive education program.

Nance leads the strategic marketing and employee development teams. Her group produces research and analysis on new markets and product portfolio expansion, employee training programs, including communication, sensitivity and satisfaction courses, and produces intellectual property for clients.

She speaks around the world to audiences on business communication, consumer buying behavior, sales, marketing and customer satisfaction. She also facilitates employee satisfaction and sensitivity programs, and coaches managers and entrepreneurs on leading their organizations.

She trains sales representatives, engineers, crew members and others who represent their companies.

Formerly, Nance was a marketing executive at The Coca-Cola Company, president of the Medical Marketing Association, first woman director of marketing in the Fortune 500 technology sector, host of International Business on public radio and NightCap on television, an entrepreneur and a general manager at Bozell Advertising and Public Relations (now Omnicom).

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