Personal Branding Pledge for 2012

new year 2012 background picturesThis year is about discovery, and complete recovery from what kills my drive

I allow impatience to test relationships to learn who’s stealing my time

I accurately judge who’s robbing me of what’s mine

I jettison people who are boring or ignoring me or angry that I am soaring

People who cast doubt, or those who need to learn what friendship is about

And suddenly I find space and suddenly I am free

This year I find the person whom I most wanted to be

I find me!

And with that comes a flurry of folks who know what life is about

I allow them to teach me, reach me, nourish me and treat me

I drop the baggage, the lead weight, old memories of what I wasn’t

I heal from the large wounds of life, the paper cuts and concussions

I find freedom and joy in uncovering my soul

I master the meaning of life and love what I come to know

I find happiness and optimism in the real person I am

Effortlessly eager, enthusiastic and encouraged by my passions

I see my destiny, I see success and I see that I am the plan

And for the first time I understand

I want nothing more and nothing less than the best for myself

And I want to share, I want to care, to be grateful and of service

I can do that this year because I am filled with my true purpose

I’m in my prime, I feel fine and I am who I define myself to be

This is my year; this is the best time in the world to be me

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