Personal Brands: Wait for It

chainmailYou take your clothes to the dry cleaner. They say it all be ready on Saturday. You go in. Not ready. You’re leaving for New York and they’ve got your best suit. It’s the lucky one – the one where you’ve gotten every offer or every deal in the last two years. Your suit is being held hostage.

What do you do?

Do you listen to the excuses and nod knowingly?

Do you get loud and insist that it must be done right away?

Do you worry that your lucky suit won’t be so lucky when they are finished with it?

How you act in the bad times, the challenging times and the times when you are furious – that’s part of your personal brand. And, depending on what you do – especially if you do a lot: these “challenging” times will come pretty often.

Anger is not only bad for your body but it’s really bad for your business. Anger is bad when you feel it and it’s bad when the guy you’re interacting with has it. Anger makes people stupid. Furious makes anger go faster.

Reach for a better feeling thought. Tell yourself a different story. Get creative before you get enraged.

They do have your suit. Or your footage. Or your case. They haven’t done the job. It’s not going to get better if you get louder.

It will get better when you use your indoor voice. Coke doesn’t scream at its competitors. Coke exacts its revenge by cheerfully attracting more fans.

When vendors go bad you’ll find this to be true: the angriest people are going to be the ones who did you the greatest harm. If the conversation gets louder, you’re still going to wait for it – it just won’t be in great shape when you get it.

How well does anger play into your brand promise?

It shouldn’t be part of it, unless you are a watch dog – whose job it is to make people afraid and back off. Not follow-through.

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