Personal Brands: Stars Have an Outcome Mind

The foundation of your personal branding is identifying and developing your authentic, compelling presence. And, you need to plan how to easily and crisply communicate your values and potential to the people I call your “audience.” That would be your customers, prospects, investors, colleagues, peers, staff and relationship with corporate partners.

Why? Because you are the star of your own life, business and career – so everyone you meet is your audience. That puts you in the leagues of Oprah, Larry King and everyone else whose career depends on engaging and retaining an audience.

Once you know you’re the star, and you have responsibility for engaging your audience, the next step is to create an outcome mind. What is it you plan to accomplish in every setting during all parts of your day? How will you do it or say it in a signature way that other people appreciate – so your plans, proposals, advice and preferences prevail?

That’s the point of developing an outcome mind.

Set your own goals – including the long term ones – but remember that every interaction and task is an opportunity for you to set an outcome and drive toward it.

Every successful person is outcome-minded. Your priorities and self-management falls right into place, when you join the very successful people who start at the finish line!

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