Personal Brands: These Are Your Lucky Numbers

There’s something magical about these numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10. They are magically memorable when you’re speaking – and your audience is listening.

Employ these numbers as a way organize your services, map out your presentations and help others’ retain in their brains what it is you offer.


You might say: “I offer two services for small companies. One is writing narratives for slide shows and videos. Two is producing multi-media presentations from start to finish.” Notice that you are leading with a small bite of the elephant of services you offer. It keeps your audience’s resistance down.

3You might say: “Our clients consistently report we improve their performance in these three ways. One: peace of mind – they know they have a back up of their data offsite. Two: cost-sharing – they get the benefit of gang-run, because we batch them with others and give them the discount. Three: communication – a trained, live, employee is always just a phone call away.”

5You might say: ‘We have five success stories in your industry.  They range from one-person consulting firms to a multi-national with 12,000 employees. Where do you think you fit on that spectrum?”

7You might say: “As a communications consultant I can tell you the seven reasons why people buy. If you like, I’ll use your company’s products to illuminate those.”

10You might say: “We have a ten point plan to optimize your presence on the web. Would you to like look at that map and see where you might be missing out on some key success factors?”

It’s almost as easy as 1-2-3 to keep your message organized in your mind – and retained in your audience’s brains.

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    I LOVE it. It’s simple and to the point without it being drab.

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