Personal Brands: 3 ways to keep your brand identity alive

1. Spend 30 minutes a day – maybe in 10-minute increments – on an aggregated news site to get Tweet fodder. I use the New York Times, Huffington Post and sometimes a mind stretcher like Science. Read the headlines with your brand identity in mind. Ask yourself: How does what I do or who I am connect with this story?

2. Use Hootsuite or another Twitter-oriented program to stock up your tweets and schedule their appearance on your followers’ pages. Ask yourself with each tweet: am I delivering valuable content from the perspective of my core brand message? Consider whether what you tweet is worth duplicating on your Facebook and LinkedIn profile.

3. Never underestimate the power of a branded magnet, pencil or booklet. When you get out and about – whether you’re with clients, prospects, your physician or hair stylist: ask yourself: how could what I do or who I am service to their goals? Before you leave the conversation: give them something easy to carry that puts your brand in their hand – or on their refrigerator.

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