Personal Brands Never Rest

HollerLike big product brands, your brand identity must be clear, crisp and compelling – and YOU need to be relentlessly advocating for it.

Before you start advocating: get what you do down to 7 words or less. I know it’s hard, but big brands do it – and so can you.

Volvo chooses one word: “safety” to stamp its brand in our minds.

Apple uses “imagination.”

Coke uses “pause that refreshes.”

Disneyland uses “happiest place on earth.”

So unless you are more complicated than any company in the Global 2000, you can find a way to explain what value you bring to people in less than a paragraph.

Love to see you define yourself in the comments for this post!

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4 Responses to “Personal Brands Never Rest”

  1. Gerry Poe says:

    Our new brand is Simplifying the Enterprise. What that means is that we understand and know wha tit takes to unify your enterprise systems, technologies, and most importantly, the people and processes neccesary to execute.

    Gerry Poe
    CEO | SCC – “Simplifying the Enterprise”

  2. Nance says:

    Gerry: I love the concept that you:

    “unify information systems so people and processes are optimally productive in your enterprise.”

    It is more than my 7 word concept, and maybe could be squeezed – but let’s see how this draft is received by your discerning prospect. Let me know!

  3. Michael Yoo says:

    You and Yoo.

  4. Nance says:

    Ok Michael! Love the sound of it. Now tell us: You + Yoo = ?

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