Ten Commandments of Personal Branding – #8: Don’t Fear Being Hated

ApocalypseDon’t fear the wrath of anyone. If you are a big enough personal brand to attract a substantial number of friends and followers, someone will hate you. Welcome animosity as a badge of recognition. If no one hates you, you really haven’t accomplished anything.

The more important the hater is, the more important you are. The larger the group of haters, the more fiercely your tribe will advocate for you. The whole hubbub will be good for your personal reputation.

Remember, indifference is the opposite of love.

Why would anyone mock, revile, or talk about you behind your back? Because you are a competitor! Maybe you represent a new wave of thought in your industry. Perhaps you’re so inventive that your thinking could put someone else out of business. Could be: you are a larger presence, a bigger force or person of greater wisdom, courage, charisma, resources or resiliency. Rising stars make cash cows mad.

If IBM had been limber enough to do what Apple did, it would have. So instead, PC people hated MAC people. It’s a good kind of hate. It was the mother of invention, and eventually some collaboration.

There’s not a single woman who won Miss Congeniality in the Miss America pageant, who later became CEO of a Global 2000 company.

FotYThe truth behind most “Father of the Year” awards is that they are banquet fundraisers for do-good organizations that need money for good works. So, the board picks a really high profile guy who’s beaten his way to the top of the heap and along the way had a few kids.

He invites all his friends, intimidates them into buying tables at the event for $10,000 a piece, and gets his face plastered on the cover of his city’s business journal.

When Coke introduced New Coke, people HATED New Coke. Which proved how much they loved Coke. If the blue company that competes against Coke weren’t around, Coke would have to invent them.

No one hates you yet? Be bigger, bolder and more brilliant. Your time will come.

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  2. Brian Elcano says:

    The 8th commandment is certainly the toughest one for me and to hear someone who is successful like yourself say that its ok is certainly reassuring. I am just starting to blog so this confidence is great!

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