Ten Commandments of Personal Branding – #5: You Must Be A Triple Threat – Writer, Producer, and Star

Fame! I’m gonna live forever! Remember, remember, remember: remember my name. In old media, starting with Fred Astaire, a triple threat was a guy who could sing, dance and act. The tradition continued with actor Ewan McGregor. He sings in Moulin Rouge and light-saber dances his way through Star Wars as Obi Wan Kenobi. Can you say “action figure income,” anyone? It’s good to be a triple threat, young padawan.

Commandment #5: Be A Triple Threat

Your personal brand is a triple threat if you can 1) produce your own media presence, 2) write in the style that authentically suits you, and 3) come alive before an audience that matters to you. That means getting yourself and your content online via video, podcasts, blogs, social media, ebooks, and more. It could mean producing seminars – even if the ustream comes out of your living room and you use hand-puppets. Hey, the paper cut-out presentations totally work for Twitter. Slideshare does it well, as well.

Consider that your personal brand is created by your literally writing your defining role on the metaphorical stage you want to dominate. In your social media role, the dialogue isn’t what’s scripted between the cast of characters you choose. It’s what happens when you attract an audience that starts to respond to you (and you respond back). The story unfolds as you star in it with greater and great force, and manage your reputation with your brand identity in mind at all times.

As a producer today, you create the venues and attract the audience. Consider which media forms reveal your best side (Writer? Blogger? Actor? Editor? Publisher? Aggregator?) – and what roles make you grow. Everyone’s first podcast is their worst. Even if you accidentally are good, you will get so much better. But, save the old files because you’ll see just how brave you were, young padawan.

Once you are a known quantity, pursue venues that others “own” and negotiate a deal for yourself. I do like the multiplier effect of appearing in media other than my own: CNBC, NY Times, Media Post and the list for me gets larger literally every day.

When you control what you produce, write and star in, you can choose what suits you best. The results from closely held personal branding including Anderson Cooper, Rocky and Pee Wee Herman. So, be sure of what you want – and keep your brand in your own hands until you know yourself pretty well – and want to go large.

The biggest threats get the best opportunities. Where are you going to star today?

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  1. Angel Taylor says:

    I think that everyone has entertained the idea of being famous and today the internet has given us all an even playing field to do just that. Creating a brand online is not nearly as hard as people assume and the biggest part is simply creating enough content to put out.

    It’s all about creating well thought out content that has value to your audience, and sharing it with as many people as possible. And I agree with you when you say that it matters not about the form the content is in, but rather it’s quality.

    This was a great post and I look forward to reading more,

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