YouThinkInc Versus GroupThinkInc

Publisher Nance Rosen’s weekly Syndicated Column on YouThinkInc Versus GroupThinkInc

What quality of life or value dominates you? What is the foundation from which it grows? What other values must you wrap around yourself, in order to put you in the minds and hearts of people who matter to you and your career?

For me, the blessing is I’m very lucky to have been born after Guttenberg made the press (not Police Academy 3), Vint Cerf invented the Internet (not Horton Hears a Who), and Steve Jobs (as opposed to Steve Just Thinks) put it all first on our desks and now in our palms.

The curse is I can’t watch the news on television because it’s not news by the time I see it. If I’m not growing I feel like I’m dying. That’s why being a lifelong learner isn’t something that’s nice for me, it’s essential – like air, water and food.

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