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Are you committing career suicide on Twitter and Facebook? Seriously. If you’re a “fan” of sleep or “Dopey” in the Snow White Dwarf quiz, you’re not putting your best foot forward on Facebook. Beyond the obvious: companies really care how many friends or Twitter followers you have – because they are looking for people with a sphere of influence. Reporter Benny Evangelista did a great job of pulling lots of social media secrets from me. From the article:

Social media tips when you’re laid off

  • Set up a blog and Twitter account so recruiters can find you and know you’re up-to-speed on social media skills. Post short notes with links to industry news. Re-tweet comments from people whom you admire – they’ll hear about it.
  • Participate in LinkedIn discussions and pose questions on discussion boards. Recruiters are watching for smart people with good communication skills.
  • Don’t post “job needed, desperate!” Do post attention-grabbing questions such as, “What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?”

Need a job? Show them you can Twitter

Need a job? Show them you can Twitter

Read the whole article “Need a job? Show them you can Twitter” in the SF Chronicle.


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