A conversation with MediaPost about Twitter.

Picture 2MediaPost – THE industry trade publication for advertising and branding, asked for my insights on how big brands see social media in their Online Media Daily, and how your skill set changes your fortune in the job market. Thank you to reporter Laurie Sullivan for a crisp but powerful piece.

From the article:

Looking for a job in online social marketing? It’s not what you know. It’s the number of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and connections on other social network sites that matter, according to Nance Rosen.

Rosen, career coach extraordinaire and CEO of Pegasus Media World, a communications firm focusing on publishing, social media and seminars, told Online Media Daily that brands looking to hire marketing professionals want “influencers,” “connectors” and “mavens” — people that others turn to for information, news and trends…

You can read the whole article Is Twitter A Job Qualification #FAIL? at the Online Media Daily website!



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