Secrets Revealed: How to Get Back in the Fast Lane

I talk to the media at least four times a week, oftentimes much, much more. I do that on behalf of Pegasus Media World authors and experts, as well as myself. So it’s unusual for me to “cotton” to a program host because, like meeting members of the press during movie junkets, some of their questions are repeats from past performances. Lately, the interviewers and journalists have been fantastic. They are coming to me with such surprising angles and topics, from “how has social media corrupted the work environment?” to “how does a company keep employees engaged during down time?” So, if you’ve watching ABC’s coverage, the New York Times and other outlets, you know I definitely have something to say about communication and the workplace. What’s been the most impressive is how in-depth the reporters are going, plus the quality of experts they are accessing and the accuracy with which my comments have been quoted. I really appreciate the curiosity they have, and how that translates to a more engaged and informed audience for their work. Recently I was delighted to be the only guest for Bill Horan’s Secrets of Success radio program in New York. He is a great example of the media I’ve been meeting. He’d read my entire book, researched my topic and had some zingers in his very challenging questions. We got so much feedback on the quality of information that I wanted to share it with you. You’ll get the fastest, most usable input for putting yourself higher up on the career ladder (or industry ranking for your business), than I’ve ever been able to deliver. A big thank you to Bill for the opportunity to go so deep in such a short time.

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