Let Books Bring You Everywhere You Want To Go

If you were going to be global, publishing is the ticket. Books – in all their different formats – and information sharing in its seemingly infinite iterations – bring you to the world, and as I have found: vice-versa.  This week, I’ll meet 27 international managers who are flying in to learn from some of the leading thinkers in business, and I’m thrilled to be among those transferring knowledge. My topic this week is marketing planning, which is something integral to publishing and promoting books and their authors.  Of course, because I was a marketing executive at The Coca-Cola Company, audiences think they might learn a bit of Coke’s secret formula from me. Surprise! They will. Except the secret formula to Coke’s success isn’t the ingredients in its beverage – Coke’s secret to being the world’s most recognized brand is executing the disciplined, strategic marketing they have perfected.When I returned home from Book Expo in New York just weeks ago, I realized that Coke made me think on a global level but also taught me the significance of focusing on one individual at a time. After all, that’s how fountain drinks are sold: one cup at a time. So, it never surprises me to have a meeting at the Spanish pavilion or the massive German booth to discuss foreign rights with an important publishing firm, and find out that I’m really speaking to people, one at a time.

If I had to choose, and I had to, I would always choose to be exchanging information, engaging in dialogues and helping other people earn their living doing the same. Of course, I believe that writing down what you know, providing your unique insight and accompanying every activity of commerce with your own book or publication introducing you, makes it easier for people to embrace you and your perspective.

And, once an author has down exactly what they want to share, I’m for sharing it everywhere.

In two weeks, one hundred Brazilian executives will make their way to two seminars I’ll give: one on Internet Marketing and the second on Marketing Communication Trends. Being a publisher doesn’t stop me from being a teacher or a writer anymore than it would stop me from being Molly’s mom. And, if you want to see someone who can’t be stopped, visit mollyjorosen.blogspot.com. Having a full time job in racing operations and blogging as Focused Filly doesn’t stop Molly Jo Rosen from writing – in fact you can catch her in the on-line New York Times at https://therail.blogs.nytimes.com/author/molly-jo-rosen.

Why am I going on and on about being published being your ticket to anywhere? Because if Molly and I can do it, with all of our goings-on, so can you. If David Mattson, the CEO of Sandler Training can do it, so can you! I could go on with all my favorite experts and authors who are doing so many things but take the time to document what they know – and off they and their work goes to the world, and the world comes to them.

Because the majority of technology at Pegasus Media World takes place without me, I can’t tell you when our new site will be perfectly built-out, so it can feature all the exciting places our authors will take you – and the places you may take our authors. But, I can say that you are always welcome at Pegasus Media World. We’ll try to keep you up-to-date on the most important people and up-and-coming experts. And, I wonder if you will be among us, as an expert or author.

Do you have a book in you?

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