Just Say No To Twitter (When Your Boss is Speaking)

ABC News asked me to weigh in on a topic that hurts like a bump to your funny bone: what to do when your boss catches you mid-tweet when you should be paying attention in a meeting. It’s a funny topic because everyone’s been caught – or like speeding and then seeing the police car – feels relief that we haven’t been caught. There is a dimension of this topic that pains me, though. My work as a coach and writer on business communication is all about empowering you to win attention, lock it in and get what you want because your audience finds you irresistible. Are there still people out there who are not using my system in their meetings, presentations and conversations??? Apparently, I’ll have to sell more books to save the world from death-by-meeting! My book: Speak Up & Succeed. Get it on NanceSpeaks.com, Amazon or wherever you like to procure your books. And, read Michelle Goodman’s terrific piece on meeting no-no’s:


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