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Never fall in love before you really know someone. Okay, fall in love but don’t make a commitment. My most recent heartbreak happened with The free test was promising, and the reviews the site posted (from Economist and Time) were impressive. The only caution came from a reviewer who nabbed the CEO as being “more frugal” than half-penny pincher Michael Dell. Okay, sometimes “frugal” means lean (good) and sometimes it means you’ll be shortchanged (bad). We plunked our money down, loaded up projects and ran into 4 major snags. Not a problem – we called their 24-hour toll-free line and sent emails. We did that again. And, again. Each time we called we reached a lonely man who called himself “Phillip.” First he told us the project management software support “team” was in a meeting. After 2 days of no support, Phillip reported the team was sleeping. After all, he said, it’s India and they’re not on our time zone.

Because I have this system – you know if you’ve read my book: Speak Up! & Succeed, I can almost always get the so-called impossible get. And, I did this time. The head of Zoho finally called me – in fact, he calls me regularly now. Like a lover that’s done you wrong and realizes he’s going to feel the loss worse than you, the calls have kept coming.  His accent is so thick and his purpose equally difficult to discern, I’m not sure what he’s offering. I ended two calls by saying, “I simply don’t know what I can do for you.” I have moved on to Bootcamp. I’m not in love, but it’s a functional relationship so far. And, I didn’t have to go through a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to get over the break up.

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