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On Purpose

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Take everything you believe about success and throw it out with the holiday leftovers.

This is the year to stretch your mind, to work smarter and achieve more in less time, and to achieve virtually anything you envision that might enrich your life. By the end of this year, I want you to tell me how far you surpassed your greatest expectations.

No more goals! Resolutions aren’t enough – it’s time for a revolution.

The greatest success in my life came when I threw out all my old goals and resolutions from the past. In fact, I threw away the idea of having goals. Instead, I wrote down my life’s REQUIREMENTS.

Plus, I stopped hoping. The death of hope gave life to mastery. Here’s what I found. If it can be done, I can do it. If it can’t, I can’t. Now, I have ideal OUTCOMES for every relationship and every interaction I have – or want to have. The map to these outcomes flows so easily – because I start by focusing on the finish line. That single strategy has remarkably accelerated my progress on the path to success.

Here’s your work. Get a book with blank pages. Then, in handwriting – not on the computer – write down your exact requirements for:

  • Prosperity
  • Vitality
  • Connection to loved ones, friends and community
  • Creativity
  • Security
  • Recognition of your individuality and specialness

Use any metric that makes sense to describe your requirements. You might settle on a number or activity that proves you’ve reached your milestones, or are moving toward them.

I use a technique found in the Bible. I like to tell myself a story that illustrates the extent of my requirements. For example, my Vitality Requirement involves my training and traveling all over the world, meeting scads of people from the moment I touch down on new ground – which means no jet lag and lots of reserve energy. My brain then figures out the nutrition, strength and conditioning, and height of my high heels – or leads me to the expert who can guide me (thank you Jon J.).

So, get busy on your requirements. You might start with the easiest one or most urgent one. Then, journal right before you get a good night’s sleep. While your body rests, your brain does its best. You’ll wake up with a plan (even if its hidden by your subconscious) and the confidence that comes when you act on your inner, unrestrained intelligence.

What are your requirements for living your most fulfilling year ever?

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