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Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Where have you been? Oh, that’s what you’re probably asking me! I’ve been away – for good reason. Been so engaged in the real world that I haven’t had time to catch up with you in our cyber one. I’ve just come home from Hong Kong, where I spoke to the CEO Club’s International Summit on SME Global Enterprises (SME = Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). My topic was Why Consumers Buy, with a special emphasis on the newly emerging middle-class Mainland China market. Throngs of people attended the World SME Expo and conference – it was touted to be 35,000 people but after a few thousand, who can keep count? The best part was meeting the movers and shakers from Asia, who weighed in that while we’re all focused on China – it’s India that may be the next superpower. Because the conference attracted CEOs and experts from all over the world, there was plenty of dialog – even some vexing questions – about where the next great opportunities for business will be. I had lunch with the Asia-based think tank that does nothing but ask the most difficult questions and formulate the most profound solutions. And, who are you having lunch with?

Nance in Hong Kong

Personally, I’ve cracked the code on the Chinese consumer, so you definitely want to ask me what products and services you should be designing – and how you should be promoting them – before you plunge into this 1.6 billion target market.

I did enjoy some super luxury by spending a whole day in Macao, which is Vegas, baby – in that part of the world. Stayed at the Venetian and lunched at the Wynn, courtesy of the Chinese government. Got there by ferry from Hong Kong. And, took the underground, the tube, the metro, the subway or whatever it’s called there – to shop like a fiend in Causeway Bay during the two hours of “me” time between meetings and more meetings.

By the way, a total of 26 hours on airplanes is the perfect tonic for the busy businessperson. I got in an entire learning program on teleseminars and webinars – so you will be hearing from me about why YOU must start getting out your message with regular broadcasts.

And, I now have my hands on the one and only solution to your search engine problems: a whiz-bang new search engine optimization program that, honestly, is the best find of the new year – if being on the first page of the organic listings is among your New Year’s goals. This 3-month SEO program is so good, and so easy, and so affordable – I should wear a button that reads: Ask Me About Optimization. Seriously, call me and ask – you won’t get over how suddenly your customers find you – and how much less you can spend on your offline and online advertising and promotion.

So, how are you going to optimize your business – and yourself – in 2008?

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