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It’s Sunday again! I keep hearing about this work-life balance thing. But, I’m not sure if balance is the ideal life we all should be striving for, all the time. Right now, I like working late. I like working on the weekends. I like waking up thinking about what I’ve got going on for the day. I’m sure it’s that I really like the people I work with. I like the work itself – it’s intellectually challenging, it involves an exchange of ideas with smart people. It gets me researching topics, products, experts, companies, and the hot topics that drive innovation.

Of course, I am lucky. This moment in my life is also filled with great love and support from my family, my fiancée and my friends. The time we get together is rich and my day is punctuated with our phone calls to keep up-to-date. Even better, I am in their hearts and they are in mine, all the time.

Apollo, Nance and Jon J.

Part of the balance I do get in is training at BioMechanix with Jon J. It’s like being let out for recess plus seeing all the cute boys. How can a woman complain, when working on the weekend – to shoot Jon J.’s new brochure – winds up like this? Yes, that’s Apollo, me and Jon J. after a hard day’s work on Sunday.

What’s driving you to work hard and work out?

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  1. Bailey says:

    Family support in anything you do is key: it’s the safety net that makes the world okay. I’ve heard that working out is a lot like projects at work…that it’s hard to get going initially, but that once you start seeing results, there’s a natural “second wind” that drives you to finish. I know it’s been true for me in the past (on both sides).

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