On Purpose

Role models make you think of someone more accomplished, don’t they? And, someone further along the path than you are, right? Well, think again. And, think more dimensionally.

For our lives to be on purpose, we have to look at 360 degrees of our world, which means there are people all around you with one character trait, one skill or dint of intention that is the perfect model for you to use, in at least one part of your life. Of course, you may have to “get over yourself,” as my partner Zeb says, when we get stuck on a detail that stops us from moving forward on a plan.

So, get over yourself. Look at the physical strength of your water delivery guy, the power of concentration your infant demonstrates as she watches a mobile above her crib, and the romance of the very grey couple that still holds hands at the organic market (www.traderjoes.com). Make sure you take time now to acknowledge the strengths of the people you may be overlooking. When it comes to crunch time, in any aspect of your life, you’ll have a model for how someone is doing it right to guide you and comfort you. Yes, you will be assured: if they can do it, so can you.

Who are you overlooking right now, whose image will come to your aid when you have a crisis of confidence?

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2 Responses to “On Purpose”

  1. wpriley says:

    So often we tend to forget that there are other languages in the world besides English. Certainly English is the language of the business world but it isn’t the only language. I appreciate your suggestion of translating presentation and handout materials into the audience’s native tongue. Great tip!

  2. sean says:

    Interesting way of looking at things. To look at each individual as if they may have the key to some area of your life. I have always looked at role models like most people. Looking to that one successful individual in a particular area to model myself after. Could it possibly be better to take the good points from a bunch of people and make a better me?

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