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Sunday again! Waffles again!!! Oh, the things that make us happy. Nixed the plan last night to dress up as the late Anna Nicole Smith for a pre-Halloween gathering in Santa Monica – where dead celebrities were the order of the evening. Jon J. and I used the night to finish his new brochure for BioMechanix – and once again got NAX Partner’s ( Creative Director Andre to creatively direct while we diced and sliced the final copy. At least, this time Andre came up to our home in Beverly Hills – last time, we did this at the NAX offices while Skype ( connected us with Andre in Brazil. If you have two handsome and talented men in your life, it’s much better to be with them live and in person (en vivo y directo), don’t you think?

Jon J. and I are now off to Barnes and Noble ( to pick out the best books to recommend to the award-winning Korean digital entertainment executives coming for my October 31 lecture on: Best Practices of the World’s Most Successful Interactive Brands. There is nothing quite like a bookstore to reinvigorate your energy for your work and life. And, to remind you that everyone has a book in them – and Pegasus Media World ( can make that true for you – it did for me!

Do you have a book in you???

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