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Drove south to Orange County, where the wildfires are making havoc for residents and firefighters. News reports say: the county may have been underserved when it came to authorities’ sending in enough resources to fight the blaze. Of course, many Katrina victims are still waiting for real help, long after that disaster. When will we ever learn?

I’m with Zeb and Andre to meet with our client, CEO Michael Ross ( to discuss plans for his real estate investment and loan company. We strategize about how to move forward as the mortgage business is taking another kind of beating. Michael, who is a group leader for Entrepreneurs Organization (, is so smart and so hardworking, that along with NAX Partners’ support for his advertising, he has my personal endorsement and, I must tell the truth: he is my favorite business coaching client. We leave with Michael in tow to meet his former colleagues at GeNESIS Commercial Capital ( They are an amazing resource for small business owners needing to lease equipment. Owners Greg Rieke and Eric Sidebotham are about to leverage seven wildly successful years into an accelerated marketing program that NAX forecasts will triple their revenue.

Late that night, courtesy of marketing director Robert Fitzgerald, formerly with Vanity Fair magazine ( Zeb and Andre go to the soft opening of Custom Hotel ( near LAX, one of five new projects by the Palisades Development Group ( This company is genius: chic, modern and affordable lodging where you’re going to meet rock stars, fashionistas and hip business people in the lobby. Bring your autograph dog.

I stay back at the office, writing a marketing and action plan for GeNESIS Commercial Capital. That’s when I see that it will take less than 10 months to triple their revenue – without adding more sales reps or space. When you work with people who have been smart about location, systems and human capital, increased productivity will flow from great marketing, because the people, tools and space are already in place. In this instance, NAX just makes a good thing better.

What can you do to triple your income???

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