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5 AM is really early. Dark. Cold. And, filled with possibilities as Zeb and I make it to downtown Los Angeles, a city that definitely sleeps (because traffic is not so bad at this hour). We get to the National Human Resources Association ( meeting at Staubach (, the giant commercial real estate firm which, high in the sky above the street, looks like a movie set. Like Fendi Casa, it’s done in my favorite colors: red, white and black. So cool.

We meet and greet HR directors from everywhere, but Pelican Products ( is a standout. Growing fast and selling watertight protective cases, submersible flashlights and ATEX certified torches, this South Bay manufacturer is global, yet the HR director is down-to-earth and vigilant about keeping the corporate culture focused on employee satisfaction.

During the formal program, we listen to three intense and compelling young men, talk about helping employees with financial difficulties. Turns out, the USA is losing billions of dollars and million of hours because employees are so stressed about personal debt. Ed Jamison, ( may be the smartest man and best communicator on debt management that I’ve ever heard. The HR directors at the meeting took heed: help your employees learn to budget and keep their credit scores high: otherwise your company will feel the pain as employees suffer the misery of money problems: divorce, losing their homes and generally losing heart.

We make it back from NHRA in time for Zeb and Andre to meet with Moodspace’ artist Arjuna Noor and his representatives at the Pacific Design Center ( An artist himself, Andre sees Noor’s work for the first time and says it is a magical blend of technology and art. NAX is there to show them how 3D animation communicates what the art will look like in clubs, hotels, corporate headquarters and homes. We do it for half the price of any other company, and no, I won’t tell you our secret! But, I will send you a CD, if you E-mail me at [email protected].

While the men are away, I host the brilliant and beautiful Madge Claybion from UCLA Extension to plan the training curriculum we will deliver to Mexico’s huge wholesaler of baked goods – and I learn that our audience will be their top people from not only Mexico, but also Spain, Germany and China. NAX has native speakers from all those countries on staff, so we’ll produce materials in multiple languages for this multi-national company. It appears that my role will be to knit together all the training curriculum as well as personally open each one of three week-long sessions (two in Mexico and one at UCLA) with an overview to get the audience up to speed on sales, marketing, collaborative distribution, team-building and emotional intelligence. Every part of my brain is thinking happy thoughts: this is my life’s purpose.

What are you doing to stay on your life’s purpose – or what do you need to do so that you find YOUR purpose?

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