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Do you do a good job of following up after a trade show or event? The secret is to empty your pockets, wallet, purse, brief case or goodie bag. Sort out the people you must reach right away and then make those calls – before the shank of the workday starts.

Zeb and I are here at the office tonight until 11 PM – a little late in the day to be following up if you follow my rules strictly – but that’s why God created E-mail. Half the people are E-mailing us back, right away. Doesn’t anyone sleep? This going global thing means our phones are on 24/7/365. Our friends and family members – those who still talk to us – are very understanding people.

Anyway, we’re ending the day by prepping for the National Human Resources Association ( meeting tomorrow at Roger Staubach’s offices at 7 AM (

When I saw her this morning – stopped by on the way to work – my mother laughingly recommended that I might as well stay up all night; it’s easier than falling asleep at 2 AM and hearing that alarm at 5 AM! She might be right.

The good news and bad news is: Zeb found a place that grinds fresh peanut butter and has warm honey. Unfortunately, he had a tub of it in his car and brought it into the office. Suddenly, being here doesn’t seem so bad. We slathered it on bananas. Doesn’t your office have fresh peanut butter and bananas?

So what are you doing with YOUR late nights???

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