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Got a great call from the Global Association for Marketing at‑Retail. For their January 8, 2008 summit, Robert Liljenwall asked if I would be their featured speaker on Consumer Behavior (my academic area of interest). I said yes! The audience will include executives from the Coca-Cola Company, Frito-Lay and Walgreens, among others.

I also heard from Cris Judd’s agent. What great follow-up on his part from our conversation at the Hollywood Film Festival. I can’t wait to see the synergy from 1) Abrams Artists, his talent agency ( and 2) NAX Partners, my marketing services firm. Plus, I’ll also connect them with our multi-media publisher 3) Pegasus Media World ( Triple threat for a triple threat (Cris acts, dances and more). Watch out!

And, UCLA Extension reached out to me to help them coordinate an executive level training program involving one of the largest wholesalers in Mexico. Some of the best administrators in the world are the people I get to work with at UCLA Extension ( Associate Dean Karim Cherif (whom I acknowledge in my new book, since he is such an inspiration to me) and Program Director Madge Claybion, who is the innovative force every academic institution wishes they had. There is literally something new happening at UCLA Extension, Business, Management, Legal and Entertainment Studies, every day.

And that was just the morning!

Now, Zeb and I are at the California Governor’s Conference, which attracted 13,000 women. Sorry if you missed it! I met with HR directors from FedEx, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Apple, Raytheon and others who are actively supporting women’s contributions in the workplace. I hope to contribute to their organizations, with customized training on business communication, sales and marketing.

The best surprise was bumping into David Bach, the author (Oprah favorite and Yahoo columnist) whose financial advice books could make anyone a millionaire ( I’m a huge fan of his, and was delighted to autograph my new book for him. We made plans to get together when I’m in New York this November 11 – 16.

That’s when I’m going to the tri-state areas to do television with Bryan Jenkins, formerly of ABC television and now dayside anchor for News 12 – New Jersey. My charismatic and business-savvy friend Bryan is planning a show around young entrepreneurship, and I’m delighted to be his expert on creating and building businesses.

The whole East Coast trip started when we found out that my beautiful daughter Molly Jo, is having 45 minutes of surgery (they promise), to get her gallbladder out through her belly button (they promise). It seems that all those years when we thought Mo just had a “sensitive stomach” were a bit neglectful. The child was making a gallstone! Good golly, Miss Molly! If I hadn’t already dedicated my new book to her, I would have to write another to remind her that she is the one and only. She says she forgives me and the entire family for ignoring this for 22 years.

Lesson: always investigate – listen to your own body and to what your children are reporting about their bodies. I only comfort myself by thinking that just a few years ago, this operation would have been major surgery with a forearm length scar down the belly (see Lisa Marie Presley). By doing it now, Mo will be under anesthesia less than an hour and wear a Band-aid home (I may get her a Hello Kitty one as a treat).

Who deserves more of YOUR complete attention right now?

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