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In the early evening, I headed to Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood for a very good reason – if you love the best things in life: Fendi Casa is opening its home fashions showroom for a champagne reception.

Yuri Xavier, the very handsome Brazilian-French young man who coordinates all Fendi Casa LA’s goings-on (coming soon: www.fendicasa.com), plus makes independent films in his spare time, invited me and my business partner, Zeb Wallace to get a preview of what the very fabulous will soon be sitting on.

We raised several fluted glasses with artists, sound designers and hipsters, plus the people who furnish the homes of the people known as “high net worth individuals.”

Fendi Casa is awash in my favorite colors and non-colors (if you’re being technical). That would be red, black and white – with a bit of gold and silver (plus their signature branding).

The surprise of the night: the lovely artists’ representative Meredith Laing of Moodspace (showroom is in the Pacific Design Center). A long way from her famlly’s ranch in Texas, Meredith coordinated a photo shoot at Fendi Casa yesterday, featuring the work of designer-artist Arjuna Noor. His pieces aren’t just art, they are interactive LED lit experiences. Meredith will soon be heading out to Dubai to supervise the installation of Noor’s floor-length piece for a major hotel there. It’s been hard for the Moodspace to describe this artist’s invention of color and light and even harder to show it on the web, but you can visit www.moodspace.biz.

Zeb is meeting with them on Thursday to see if NAX Partners can help them with a powerful communications program – we are both wild about the talent of this artist and the incredible maturity of this young woman and her company.

How can you make art, music or another cultural experience a part of your working life?

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  1. wpriley says:

    When I’m looking for business inspiration, I often visit an art museum. Looking at the inspiring creative talents of others seems to kindle my own creative spirit!

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